Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vintage Style Locket (SOLD)

I love using old items to make new jewelry.

I used an old crystal that I was told (by the previous owner) that they were obtained from a old Rhode Island Factory that shut down in the 1950s. The crystals were the "sweep ups". The crystals that had fallen to the floor and had been swept up.

The locket and all the findings are made from brass


glitterbygrammie said...

I love the vintage locket. Great Job.

Lawrence said...

I'm not good at criticizing accessories, but every time I see this, only one thing comes to my mind: the usual gift of a boy to their puppy love.

There are lots of girls who love making their own brass accessories, like my sister. She's ordering her brass materials from a few trusty brass manufacturers every time she's in the mood for making accessories. I remember when I needed the list of brass tube suppliers. She's the one who gave me the contacts.

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